feb 28: pronouns

hello again so i just now realized i actually like they/them pronouns as well

thats all! please use they/them in addition to she/her when referring to me :)


- suzie

feb 13: hello

hi i was going to make a blog post a day or two ago (i was going to post about how i watched serial experiments lain)

unfortunately im not good at computer (i broke my bootloader)

i just now fixed said bootloader after going through absolute trials and tribulations i mean i had to make the windows 7 boot disk on my dell inspiron 1100 ffs

anyways cheers and dont forget: never format your partition with grub on it unless you want serious bad shit to go down

- suzie

jan 30: damn

so i was going to make an ireland button for today since bloody sunday happened 51 years ago today

and also i was going to talk about my pocket pc

but i had various technical difficulties so i will not do that right now


- suzie

jan 22: the blog is now a thing yippee

so apparently my website has recieved One Thousand views which is crazy

so to celebrate the momentous occasion i have made The Blog

ill post about my life, random updates and such, as long as im up to the task

cheers, thanks for the thousand looks have a good one yeah

- suzie

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